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How Does Our Immune System Work?

March 08, 2020 2 min read

How Does Our Immune System Work?

How Does Our Immune System Work?

The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect the body against infectious micro-organisms, such as certain bacteria and viruses; whilst also working to destroy any infectious micro-organisms that manage to invade the body. Phagocytes are cells that destroy invading organisms, while lymphocytes are cells that allow the body to remember and recognise previous invaders and help the body destroy them – this is known as the innate immune response.


CSERA and the Immune System.

Highly concentrated in Freshwater Micro Algae, astaxanthin is a naturally occurring pigment known as a carotenoid. Grown and processed exclusively in Sweden using a proprietary indoor cultivation method, the Freshwater Micro Algae contained in CSERA has featured in over 70 clinical studies. In a recent double blind, placebo controlled study, AstraREAL® astaxanthin showed positive effects and substantial benefit in enhancing the capacity of both lymphocytes and phagocytes – meaning a faster and stronger immune response was observed. Each serve of CSERA Complete Restore contains a 90mg of AstraREAL® Astaxanthin derived from Freshwater Micro Algae harvested in fully enclosed systems located in Sweden.

Another key ingredient in CSERA Complete Restore is Black Elderberry Extract, derived from the Haschberg (or Black European) variety. This deep black fruit is recognised as having powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and has been clinically studied for its anti-viral effect on both colds and influenza. Our formula contains a high-potency Black Elderberry Extract sourced from a single region in Austria, standardised to anthocyanin content. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid - the polyphenol sub-category responsible for giving berries their purple-blue hue. The darker the colour – the more intense the potency. Each serve of CSERA Complete Restore contains 180mg of Black Elderberry Extract, in addition to anthocyanin rich Red Grape Skin and Grape Seed extract. 

CSERA Complete Restore also contains Nerina Strawberry – a wild black strawberry harvested especially for its high levels of vitamin C - an essential vitamin that our bodies are unable to produce naturally. Our Nerina Strawberry Extract is made using a proprietary solvent free extraction process (no chemicals or alcohol) that preserves the entire fruit matrix - leaving it bioavailable and more functionally absorbed than other isolated nutrient forms. Unlike the synthesised or lab generated ascorbic acid found in traditional vitamin pills and cheaper powders, the Vitamin C in our Nerina Strawberry Extract is delivered in a complex food form that your body already knows and understands.

These are just three of nine carefully selected ingredients in CSERA Complete Restore. Our formula contains only active ingredients, all derived from real foods and delivered to a standardised dose studied to be both effective and safe for long-term use. The formula is neutral tasting, water soluble and free of preservatives, caking or binding agents, added flavours (natural or synthetic) and sweeteners.

Made in Australia | Mindfully Sourced

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