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Nerina Strawberry Extract

February 09, 2020 2 min read

Nerina Strawberry Extract

( Italy )

The Nerina Strawberry (Fragaria Nerina) is a wild black strawberry bought back from the verge of extinction by Iprona - an Italian company with over three decades of experience specialising in berry derived functional foods. Recognised as an industry innovator, Iprona has developed a proprietary solvent free extraction process (no chemicals or alcohol) that preserves the entire fruit matrix - leaving it bioavailable and more functionally absorbed than other isolated nutrient forms. In addition to significant investment in research and development, Iprona prides itself on working closely with Italian farmers to ensure a premium, safe and sustainable fruit supply.

Harvested exclusively for Iprona, the Nerina Strawberry has been cultivated specifically for its high level of Vitamin C – an essential vitamin that our bodies are unable to produce naturally. Vitamin C is found in high concentration in the dermis and epidermis layers of healthy skin. As we naturally age or are exposed to environmental pollutants and excessive UV light, these levels diminish. Encouragingly though, ingesting foods rich in Vitamin C has been shown to effectively replenish Vitamin C levels found in the hair, skin and nails.

At a cellular level, Vitamin C supports healthy hair, skin and nails by functioning as a powerful anti-oxidant and acting as an essential precursor to collagen synthesis. Two recent human clinical studies have revealed that a higher dietary intake of Vitamin C is associated with an improvement in skin appearance and notable decrease in skin wrinkles. Unlike the synthesised or lab generated ascorbic acid found in traditional vitamin pills, the Vitamin C in our Nerina Strawberry Extract is delivered in a complex food form that your body already knows and understands.