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Balance in Nature

March 23, 2020 3 min read

Balance in Nature

Balance in Nature

Nature always finds a way; yet so often humanity works against what is natural by attempting to manipulate, conquer or control. It's not necessary to understand every element of the complex workings of our environment, or even our own bodies, to grasp the concept of cause and effect. The simple realisation that what you put in or on your body results in recognisable felt changes illustrates true harmony - with not only oneself, but our relationship with the environment.

Science is only just beginning to understand the complexity of ageing and longevity, and by default optimal vitality and what we traditionally regard as 'beauty'. This is especially true when it comes to recognising synergistic delivery of micronutrients when consumed as real food. Our understanding is limited, but we do know and understand, for example, that vitamin C in tablet form (or any synthetically generated ascorbic acid), will never be as beneficial as absorbing it through food. In fact, shocking your system with high concentrations of isolated compounds is potentially dangerous, and pointless at best.

Can Nature Really Be Improved Upon?

We trust in the wisdom of nature at Adour and Kin. But can nature really be improved upon? Well, we certainly believe it can’t be replicated in the laboratory. However, recent advances in clinical research has led to greater understanding of the functional compounds found in food. New technology means these compounds can now be standardised without compromising the wholefood matrix or bioavailability. By pairing advanced science with the best of nature, we aim to deliver targeted micronutrients to your body in a form it already knows and understands.

Scientific understanding and technological advances should not be ignored - it's mindful application that we see as key. That is why we work globally with only the most progressive companies to source scientifically validated extracts made from real foods, traceable to the field and standardised to active compounds. Importantly, this is done in such a way that your body still recognises the extract as real food. This is a relatively new and expensive process that involves the use of advanced proprietary technology that only established companies have the capacity to develop.

For example, our supplier of Freshwater Collagen Peptides is a French company who created a process that results in the lowest certified molecular weight collagen possible. This makes our collagen the most bioavailable in the world - that is, most absorbed, and therefore most utlilised by the body. Our supplier of Grape Skin and Grape Seed extract (also a French company) have developed a natural extraction process that preserves the complete profile of red wine - this makes sense, as the raw material is by-product of the French wine industry! Italian based Iprona uses a proprietary extraction method without the need for a carrier to create our Nerina Strawberry Extract and Black Elderberry Extract. Only water is required, meaning no alcohol or other solvents are used. And our Freshwater Micro Algae (or Astaxanthin) which features in over 70 clinical studies, is grown and processed exclusively in Sweden using a proprietary indoor cultivation method.

Too often in the supplement and pharmaceutical industry proprietary rights are marketed under the pretence of IP protection, when in reality they are more often used as a tool to disguise or omit weak formulas or ingredients. You should always take the time to properly read and understand the ingredient list of anything you put in or on your body. At Adour and Kin, we do things differently. We tell you who made each ingredient (and where), the exact origin of raw material, and therapeutic dose included in each serve. We refuse to hide behind proprietary blends, and instead suggest our clients learn and appreciate the origin and effectiveness of each ingredient included. Our formulas contain only active ingredients, with no added preservatives, sweeteners, flavours (natural or synthetic), bulking agents or fillers of any kind.

Made in Australia | Mindfully Sourced

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